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Pushing the boundary of applied technologies into your fingertips.

We solve our client problems by getting to the root of it and offer solutions using the best technologies available today. Our experience and background allow us to come up with the best solution without technological limits.

We craft products based on need and functionality. Every thing we do goes through a lot of planning, great architecture and intentional execution.
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Marketplace Built Around Video

Marketplace that allows online consumers with smartphones to easily create and post video ads through the use of their phone's camera.


This platform was built for the web and mobile for todays digital consumer.


Platform for Transport

A multi-level, multi-user data gathering and analytics platform.


This platform uses both web and mobile solutions which offer productivity even when internet connection does not exist.


Our type of work

(Web & Mobile)

We build platforms that your phone to your web systems including iOS, Android, Rails, Python with various databases which include MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and CouchDB.

Big Data

We can manipulate hundreds of millions of data to allow you to create your business analytics giving you the edge that you need.


We develop on various hardware including Raspberry Pis, Arduino based sensors, routers and NUCs, linking them to your data systems to offer you a gateway to the Internet of Things.

System Integration

We develop custom solutions which allow you to integrate your existing systems with the various technologies today.

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If you need a team to get the job done no matter how complex, this is the team for you.

Ibba Rasul-Bernardo

Thousandminds allowed us to launch our product with the biggest real estate companies in the Philippines.

Ray Refundo

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